Saturday, April 26, 2008

Amazing mix of centuries, riding the train through Big Bend Country typing away on my lap top. Uncanny. I've loved this trip - everything about it. I hope to travel by train again soon. I'm having a delightful trip home, watching for prong horns and mule deer, jack rabbits and hawks on the desert hills in air-conditioned comfort. We just saw a flock of six big wild turkeys without even sweating. What luxury!

I thought I would be less comfortable in the chair car without the isolation of my little compartment (upgrade was very expensive for the return trip) but I'm fine. I slept well last night all cuddled up under my pink chenille cover. I actually think I slept more soundly than either of the nights in the compartment, but not for any particular reason. Sleep is just fickle.

Today I'm enjoying overhearing conversations. People traveling with me are diverse in age, race, circumstances of travel. The young family behind me is doing amazingly well traveling with three little girls, six months and maybe three and four. The man sitting in front of me actually got an autograph from Sandy Koufax back in 1959 - saw Drysdale pitch against Gibson.

I'm excited that I will be back in Bob's arms in my own bed tonight, even if late.