Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hard to write about a writing workshop - too busy writing to write ABOUT writing. I love being up here at Peggy's perfect vacation house at Big Bear writing poems about the development of our lives. Our themes move through life - beginnings, emergence, accomplishments, points of transformation, unfinished business, what's next?, wisdom. My friends surprise and touch me with the depth of their pain and the richness of their laughter, with their insights, growth, hope. I love these women. We can get locked out in the cold trying to look at the gibbous moon, and laugh at ourselves. We can feed each other and help each other and teach each other - good to be part of this community.


Dixi said...

Wonderful summary of so many of the important things of the retreat!

Peggy said...

This post of yours almost brought tears to my eyes Victoria. I too love being part of this community of women. This gathering was such a special time for me. I think I will never forget it. At least I will remember it as long as I remember anything else!

Thank you too for the compliments on my home and our Big Bear house. It was indeed a pleasure to have you and we hope you and Bob will visit California again!