Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Good busy work day - the kind that really shines through for me - didn't drag a minute - felt like I used the best of myself every hour. I'm so fortunate to have work I love that uses what I'm good at and forgives the many areas in which I'm weak or utterly disinterested (like details).Today made me think about something Dorothy Satten used to say. "I want to be all used up when I die, nothing wasted, held back, left over." Today felt so good because I felt like that - like I was using myself fully and that's the best I can do - satisfying.

Sunday and yesterday were good grandma, homework, garden days - better in the living than the describing, or maybe I'm just lazy tonight. I loved helping Danny think through word problems, listening to Zach and Bob read books aloud, watching K.K. sail through difficult "commended club" science problems. I cooked and fed and ate and cuddled and was hugged and read and slept. All good.

Today the poetry challenge was tough and I was a bit lazy about it too. We were supposed to write to one of the two pictures shown in these links. (If you feel inspired by either I'd love to see your poem in comments.)

Neither inspired much in me - just the single image caught below.

Painting #1: Piazza d'Italia, by Giorgio de Chirico

Painting #2: The Little Deer, by Frida Kahlo

Piazza d'Italia

Golden angles slice green sky.
No angels. Not my image of Italy.

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Dixi said...

You are very fortunate to have work that you love that uses what you are good at. A lot of people could not say that about their jobs / professions. I could say that about my teaching many years.....but then again there were years when it was difficult; and things weren't the same. I so often wondered what changed: me or the job. I do think it was the 'job.' I loved kids and working with them in a certain way. By the time I left teaching, with all of the accountability & the change in amount of time-consuming paperwork, added to the different attitudes of parents & administration, added to the fact that children 'grew up' faster and had attitudes / language of teen agers while yet in elementary school. So many factors were different. The job as I knew it as a beginning teacher morphed into another job over the years. When I retired, I was glad to 'move on.' But there were many good years, years that all came together; and those are the years, many actually, that I remember now with fondness and appreciation.

Your Dorothy Stratton quote was interesting. It reminds me of the pledge I made to myself when I was sitting with my father on the day he died. I pledged that when it was my last day of life I wanted to die with no regrets, to have done everything I wanted to do, said all that I needed to say to the people that I cared about. I'm right on track!

Nice post. I always enjoy reading your blog.