Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm happy that Ruth left a message at work sayin gthe antibiotics are working and she is less sick - definitely a good thing. I am so sad she and Chris have the task of scattering tiny Mira's ashes, but I am proud of them as they honr her in their own way and with grace. They are good parents to this baby who died and they will be good parents should they be graced with babies who live.

Bob will be here any minute. I love it when he is able to come home on Friday nights. K.K. is all hugged and tucked up for sleep in the back room. The week's grocery shopping is done. I feel satisfied with this work week as it comes to an end.

Today's poetry challenge was to write about a physical thing which is often overlooked.


Ready access to ice
is a luxury I
take for granted
Ice preserves food
reduces inflamation
chills drinks, tinkles
in goblet, lifts mood
Two generations back
cooks appreciated ice.


1 comment:

Dixi said...

Glad to hear Ruth is less sick. Hope Bob & you had a nice weekend. Your poem on ice made me appreciate what I take for granted!