Monday, April 07, 2008

Today's poetry challenge was to write a ramble poem - just let it flow - edit next month. That was easy and fun - so no pressure. I love writing to promps because it frees me up not to have ot figure out what is most important to write (just realized that) It simplifies.

Thirty Years in This House

Thirty years in this house,
even though it butned once
and we've refloored twice
and remodeled the kitchen,
same hedge out front, overgrown
garden smaller, fence we fell down,
in process of reconstruction,
garden still growing peppers,
squash, cucumbers, tomatoes,
Bought this house with one
husband to be a home for
the babies we hoped for,
had the babies, raised them.
but he died in the middle,
too young, grieved him here.
Fell in love again, opened
this door for first date
with new hope, true love,
eighteen years later help
grandchildren plant squash
cucumber, tomatoes in the
same garden. Still home.
Thirty years in this house


Ruth said...

So sweet.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful poem about roots. I think having a spot in a wonderful neighborhood for 30 years is neat. Memories, connection to the neighborhood, the holding pond, the trees and garden. I'm glad we never moved.

Dixi said...

Very touching poem. I like all the specific memories you put into this writing. I like the repetition three times of "Thirty years in this house." It gives it emphasis!

Peggy said...

Enjoying your blog so much, Victoria. I too love living in one place for a long time. We've lived in our house 36 years and I would miss it so much if we were to move away.