Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I liked todays poetry challenge - write about nuances and aspect of a word - use it different ways and examine it. This is one I could do on many words. Today I picked "forgiveness"


Better to ask forgiveness than permission,some say.
I disagree. Easier, not better - intimacy killer.
One must forgive to move on, they say - cliche
True with mistakes but forgiving perpetrators too soon
is bypass, blights recovery, drains self-protective anger .
Some wrongs we need to fight, not gloss over, make light..
Forgiveness puts things back the way they were - not quite
but can allow new growth. Forgiveness can allow separation.
You can forgive but you can't forget - that rings true.
But where do you put the memories? Clasped close
for protection of closeted away from your center
so relationships can continue - especially with self?

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Dixi said...

I like your approach to this challenge. "Forgiveness" is such an important word. I do think individuals usually have to forgive to move on...but I agree about perpetrators. Not good to forgive too soon. Good question about the memories...what to do with them. I say...let hurts go. Not a lot of good can happen by keeping them close. Forgiveness of someone to me means letting a relationship begin again on a new page.