Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One more poem, and I really will turn the computer off and go do something else.

Waiting Room

I wonder if languages
other than English
label waiting rooms.
Waiting seems so
American. Myself,
I don't wait. I read
until the bus comes.

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Ruth said...

I like this .. .it reminds me of the facination I always have with "the waiting place" page in "Oh The Places You'll Go"

Well done--and I like the twist at the end (and the fact that you taught me to do the same thing!)

I was amazed when, during Chris's surgery, I was in the waiting room for over two hours watching people wait and I was the ONLY one with a book. The other people didn't even pick up the magazines (or much look at the TV) they just sat there frozen is some odd suspended animation. I guess in some ways I'm impressed they can occupy themselves without THINGS but it strikes me as strange none-the-less.