Friday, January 25, 2008

I've been scrap booking - looking through my parents' high school memorabilia and organizing it. My mother really kept a beautiful crap book of her years as cheer leader and member of just about every club and team in her tiny town high school. she saved her boy friend's cartoons, and notes to and from people I heard about all through my childhood. I think, from reading the notes, that she was a little wilder than she made herself out to be - but the story she told of her high school years matches pretty well with the story in the scrap book. The thing that's odd is that the story in Daddy's yearbooks doesn't match what I remember being told (by Mama, not by Daddy himself) of his extreme accomplishments in high school. He wasn't valedictorian, as I'd been told, not even an honor student. He did the lights for the high school shows and was on the newspaper staff. That's pretty much it, except for a couple of pictures of him squiring beauties. I wonder when and how the story changed. I would have been much more comfortable with the real story - a story more like my own. I really hope I haven't prettied up my stories for future generations. I hope they ring true.


Ruth said...

The whole notion of scraping the truth as opposed to the rose-colored version is a very interesting thing isn't it--I know I loved talking with people about it when I was doing my thesis research. Though I'm supprised actual FACTS changed in GrandDaddy's story--usually it's more selective inclusion not flat out mistruths!

Sorry I didn't call last night, after I wrote my blog I heard a horrible sound upstairs and went up to find that my closet had collapsed (the support pulled out of the wall and the bar fell, etc) so I spent time fixing that then fell asleep.

I'm home today and I think I'm going to try to catch up on some of my own scrapbooking so if you have time with no kids and want to chat feel free to call--I can't drive down there 'cause I have to be here for the cable/internet guy and also because I can't drive that far on my spare. I need to get a new tire today after the guy leaves so I can get to work on Monday!

dixi said...

Very interesting entry. What fun to have this memorabilia from your parents' high school years. And fascinating that you think she might have been a bit wilder than you believed. And interesting that your dad's yearbooks don't match what you were told about your father's high school years. I wonder why your mother would have told you that your father was the valedictorian, and he wasn't even an honor student. Apparently it was important for her that you think very highly of your father...even if the truth were stretched.

I don't think of you as a person who would ever pretty up your stories for the next generations. You are who you are. And I am sure that your grandchildren and others will know the real you.