Friday, January 18, 2008

Its been a weird mix of a day - cold and damp. I had good clients and feel like I did good work with them, am caught up with most of the details around house and office. I'm writing fiction again - not sure if it's decent, but I'm writing. Bob will be home for three nights starting tomorrow and that feels great. his tooth ache went away but he'll see a dentist tomorrow anyway. He's stressing about beginnning a new semester, working hard to teach the kids writing, and they are learning. He tries so hard. I love that man.

I freaked myself out this evening by locking my purse with money and keys in the front office at work so I was out in the lobby with my coat and book bag but no money and no cell phone and had to get home - close to nine this evening. I walked the short distance to the little family drug store I've been using for years and asked the pharmacist Doug if I could borrow fifty cents from the tip jar to ride the bus home. He said "Sure," and we laughed together. I really love the security of my life - being in the same place around the same people long enough that even when I do something stupid I have a safety net. I could have slept in the offfice lobby on the couch if I'd had to, but its good that I got home where I could eat and write. I had half a minute of feeling maybe five percent of the fear and isolation of being homeless on a cold night. Maybe more like one percent.

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Mary said...

You really did some quick thinking on how to solve the problem. I would have been nervous, after I got home, about my purse and cell phone and keys in the front office & me somewhere else. I wonder if Bob brought you right back to the office to retrieve them.