Friday, January 25, 2008

The New York Times just endorsed Hilary Clinton and John McCain to be their parties Presidential candidates. The paper praised Barack OBama as "incandescent" and "a hope" but seems to see Cliton as more read NOW. Many people I reapect think that way. I feel Clinton would do a good job on doestic issues but can't seem to let go of feeling Obama's touch is needed on the international scene - a greater willingness to talk to enemies. I think he is more likely to help recast the United STates as a statesman nation, not a big selfish bully wearing a red white and blue blindfold.

What kind of world do you want? a question asked in a song has led t a project where we can view videos people have made answering that question (or send in our own) to raise funds for causes including Autism Speaks and an organisation which builds homes for disabled returning veterans of war. The link is Warning - poignant and addictive. Also perspective tweaking and worth while. Many of the videos I watched were aobut the worlds families want for their children with autism - and the differing ways these loving families frame their situations intrigue the researcher in me. Clearly families create the frame they need. I wonder if some frames are in general more helpful to the child's development or if the most helpful thing is simply finding a frame that works.

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Dixi said...

I think an interesting ticket would be Hilary Clinton President/ Barack OBama Vice-President, as they both have something to offer. I do not think that OBama has had enough experience yet for me to put my trust in him as President. I really think this would be a strong ticket, as they both appeal to different bases (my opinion). I doubt this will ever happen though, as the two of them are so antagonistic toward one another that neither would want the other on the ticket with them.

There is no doubt that Hilary is a smart woman. She has been familiar with the workings of the Oval Office for years, which is advantageous. She would not have to learn the ropes, as she knows them firsthand.

If Obama would be VP for two terms, then he would be READY to try for the Presidency, I think.

In the past I have not really been a Hilary fan, but as time goes on I have an open mind and will see what transpires. A lot can change yet before the election. In the world. In this country. And in the campaign......