Monday, January 21, 2008

Bob and I were going to hike today but it rained - cold drizzly rain - so we stayed close to home and looked through boxes in the storage unit and paid bills and talked politics and did laundry and just enjoyed each other. I needed that, I think, and so did he as he gets ready for the big and intimidating push toward the TAKS tests.

Last week was such a roller coaster - minor ailments, car trouble, (which turned out to be just the battery but scared us) , everyday struggles with priorities and choices, client struggles, locking myself out of the office in the cold, Bob locking his cell phone in the apartment, and on and on. A meeting I hoped would lead a step closer to the publication of my book got postponed. And it just kept drizzling on cold gray days.

Then Ruth all of a sudden announced she is PREGNANT after all this time - then I got the treat of watching K.K. dance jazz and boy did she bring it - and then her jazz and tap teachers (Broadway pros both and great guys) told me that they see K.K. as extraordinary, one of a kind with a combination of talent, work ethic, understanding of dance and ability to take feedback and not be intimidated, looks, gymnastics background, and spirit that will serve her well in making her dance dreams come true. They say they see themselves as her dance godfathers. She couldn't do better.

Emotionally I think I got tired out - too many ups and downs - too much cortisol in my body and by yesterday I was anxious and cranky - just overly tightly wired - even though happy underneath . Today was a good antidote with the easy pace.

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Dixi said...

How thrilling it is to hear that KK's jazz and tap teachers have given her such high praise, have called her 'exceptional.' It will be interesting to follow her dancing 'path' as she continues.