Monday, January 28, 2008

I was wondering if I had made a mistake allowing two clients with mobility problems come to my house on Mondays - taking away from the whole day off, and I am unusually tired tonight - BUT - and again, confidentiality is vital in my work and a pain in the rear 0 I believe that doing so made an enormous difference today in terms of untangling a lifelong lie that caused someone great suffering. So I'm satisfied tonight if exhausted, and ready to soak in warm water.

I am deeply aware that Ruth has her "confirm pregnancy" appointment tomorrow. I have every hope that's all there will be to it - confirmation of a healthy start to a healthy pregnancy. Ruth and Chris are calling this baby, in utero, "The Friedling", a label I adore. K.K. spent a good part of the weekend looking at diagrams of developing embryos and fetuses, week by week. She is so excited about her hope to "give this baby as much fun as Auntie gave me." Even the boys made frequent references to the baby on the way. I don't think Zach has any idea how long nine months is. He wanted me to have somewhere to put the baby when Auntie came over - and of course in time I will. K.K. wndered what Auntie will look like "when she gets round with that baby." All of us are excited and attached and, no matter waht the outcome, I think this is good.


Ruth said...

We got your sweet card a few days ago--thank you for that. I love your involvement with the now less invisible Friedling!

(The kiddo quotes make me giggle! Thanks for that!)

Dixi said...

I, too, love the nickname "The Friedling." I am sure that KK and Zach and Danny are very excited about their little cousin on the way!