Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I actually did get some scrap booking done - worked on adding a little to my mother's high school scrapbook - a fascinating chronicle of her teen years - graduating in a very small town with a graduating class of twelve. The graduation cards sent to students in those days were like postcards, printed on one side of a piece of paper and beautifully intricate in design. I like having added them to her book. Now I am adding some of my own notes to her book - my own journaling written on separate pieces of paper - stories she told and didn't put in the book. Creating this annotated version of her original scrapbook is proceeding and is proceeding and I feel like I have a handle on it. All the piles of pictures of other family members is another story all together - but one step at a time. I hope to do more tomorrow night and Friday morning. I'm proud of myself for getting unstuck. Its possible nobody will care about these family pictures and stories in the long run - but at least I will be leaving something that makes sense, not mixed stacks of pictures and artifacts with no stories.Time for bed *past really) long work day tomorrow.

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Ruth said...

I care!

And I'm having a hard time with my scrapbooking too. In some ways I think the blogging has taken over the role of what I wanted from the scrapbooks.. but none-the-less I feel like I need to get back on top of it if I'm gonna have a BABY!!!