Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I actually got home when it was light out (gray and foggy but light) for the first time since probably Halloween. The days are getting a little longer and today was a shorter work day - a sweet combination. I'm hoping to use the longer evening to get something (maybe scrap booking) done in 3 d as opposed to cyberspace.

I like one of the challenge poems I wrote this week for Skywriters.


Same hands
give and receive,
explore and act,
create and destroy,
nurture and torture,
accept and rebuff
its all in the use,
same hands.

I read an article published on the Internet and falsely attributed to CBS reporter. Andy Rooney today which offended me Of course the false attribution but so does the article itself, talking about why the writer likes women over forty - and I found it not funny at all and sexist (anti men and buying it that most men buy lookism and agism and that most women believe most men are essentially big pigs with a small sausage attached. It was written - I guess - tongue in cheek - but it didn't describe the world I feel I live in or the world I want my grand kids to grow up in - made me very sad when it was supposed to amuse. I really believe it is possible to get past looksism, agism, and sexism and all live together as the authentic imperfect individuals we are. But people have always called me idealistic. I hope realistic too. I don't want to see realism and idealism as opposites - but that one must have the latter to implement the former.

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Dixi said...

I love your "Hands" poem, Victoria. It is short, but profound. It really made me think. Hands are neutral, but what they do can be either positive or negative. It definitely is all in the use. And carrying this concept further, this would apply to most anything... let's say dynamite. Poitive or negative. It depends on the use. Wise words!