Friday, February 27, 2009

Yesterday was an exhausting work day - mostly because the building was being reroofed and I had to keep moving- with clients - to different office to avoid the worst of the noise. It all worked out fine - but was tiring in process. Work is so secure for me - my safest place where I feel most competent and most able to keep things functioning from day to day. Oddness at the office gets to me more than oddness elsewhere - which I guess I [pretty much expect.

Today is good - warm - will get wintry again tomorrow. Bob has to stay tomorrow morning in COrpus to coach a few kids on writing so I want to get groceries in right now and cook tomorrow morning - so food purchase and preparation won't mess up our weekend. Tomorrow night we take K.K. and Ian with us to the symphony to hear the Galways play flute with the orchestra. I think we're all excited.

All is well with babies. Little Liam to back - is surprising us by flipping, already, from front to back - not supposed to be able to do that for a couple of months. I need to get my hands on both sweet little ones - and my bigger grands too this weekend.


Bill H said...

Thank you for sharing your life with us. You have much to teach, much to offer, just by living like you do, noticing the little things in context, the context of life shared, life here and now, life of hope and life of sadness. Sounds at work, a baby's first flip, a presidential speech, a streetside vendor. I celebrate your total aliveness in your daily world, Victoria. -Bill

Joe Hendricks said...

I told Liam to practice that maneuver so we could go kayaking soon :-)

Mary said...

Totally amazing that Liam can flip from front to back already!

Enjoy the symphony. I have an old 33 album of the Galways. Hadn't thought about them in a long time.

Anonymous said...