Saturday, February 07, 2009

I just talked to Joanna on the phone. She's still at home, still stalled out in labor, but resting and eating and drinking orange juice as instructed - exhausted, hoping she can rest a little, then labor will pick up and Andrea will be here. Her labor is reminding me of my labor with her, which was stop and start from Friday night to tenish Sunday morning. Bob and I are having a really good weekend withthe kids. They are such a sweet part of our life. It's hard for me to imagine what it will be like to have this new pair of grand babies, a whole new phase, extension of roles, set of adventures. At this moment I'm more excited than nervous.

Ruth is still believing her labor won't just start on its own, but of course it could. She and Chris are enjoying an evening at home together. It has to be strange for her to be done with work - without Liam in arms just waiting and seeing about the next stage in her life.


mary j. said...

I appreciate the update! I have been thinking of Joanna all day, and yes – will continue to pray! I hope she is able to get a little rest before the final surge of labor and Andrea's arrival.

Judy said...

I am reading backwards and catching up since my trip to Costa Rica. We are all on baby watch with you. I hope all goes especially well for both babes, mom's and you! This is quite a change for all of you and a wonderful new world you will be entering.

Anonymous said...