Sunday, February 01, 2009

Bob and I had a sweet, quiet, restful weekend, which I think we both needed. A highlight, yesterday, was seeing RUth and Chris for a few minutes, both of them glowing after their "pregnant" photo shoot. Pretty soon they will be photographed with Liam in arms! So soon now! And for Andrea too!

Yesterday we got him replacement glasses (for a pair whose frame just spontaneously broke) - got two pair, progressives and readers on a good price deal. I felt very thankful to be able to buy the glasses, buy a few jewelry supplies at Micheal's, a book at Barnes and Nobel and then go out for Chinese dinner at a place we've never tried (good orange beef and General Tsou's chicken which we happily shared). We walked a little in beautiful weather, but not as much as we sometimes do. Yesterday K.K. called her teacher Grandpa twice for homework help, which he easily and quickly provided - more sweet oments.

We slept in, both days. I think I slept better and longer than I have in months. We hung clothes together and pulled them in off the line together, cooked, talked, cleaned the kitchen. We also watched an unusual amount of TV -highlights being an hour on the rise of Barack Obama's political career, a documentary about the convergence of the habitats of polar and grizzly bears, and especially, the film The Golden Door which is a superb piece of magical realism about the experience of Itallian immigrants coming through Ellis Island. It was gorgeous visually, and really caught me, even with subtitles.

This afternoon, I helped Bob edit a proposal for a grant for "Step-Up-To-The-Plate-Back-Packs" to provide back packs full of books and games for parents to use at home with their fourth graders. Each segment of the grant proposal was allowed to have only 100 words and I had an inordinate amount of fun condensing - one of my quirky strengthe. Give me a detail oriented writing task and I glow - a hard enough math problem, well, I might just hide under the bed and give e a mop to put together and I'll end up wailing!


Peggy said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Lots of quiet connecting time.

I can also understand your feeling of hibernating with the babies coming so soon and so close. A nervous time for sure.

Fun to catch up on your days.

Mary said...

Victoria, so glad you and Bob had a restful weekend. How wonderful to anticipate the births, so soon now, of two grandchildren.

Sleeping in both days sounds restful...and a Chinese dinner in a new restaurant delightful!

Anonymous said...