Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Liam is a whole week old and Andrea a day old - and in a few more days this blog will no longer be obsessively about babies. I think I am going to start a separate blog or web site or something for my Grandma role and keep this one more general.

But today is all about babies (even though I am suffering Liam withdrawal.)

It was a very good day on the Andrea front. I met held cuddled kissed and was photographed with her. Her brothers, who fell asleep before they could get to hold her last night, held and loved on her today - adorably tender with her, as was K.K. (who did get to meet her last night.) I didn't realize she shared your daughter's birthday Sue. Good to know that. She is a sweetie - little crying, enormous round light brown eyes, a surprising amount of black soft hair, and a precious little rosebud of a mouth. Joanna is sore and tired, but doing well. They should go home tomorrow Ruth and Chris even got to visit today - not sure they would manage it with Liam so young, but they did.

The hospital here has reinstated an old tradition of providing a fancy meal for two (in Joanna's case vegetarian style) the evening following a birth. I remember reading about this in older books, but our hospitals weren't doing it when I had babies, or when Joanna had her older kids. Joanna and Tracy really enjoyed their meal tonight, including coconut cake. I had a treat of going to dinner at an ice house near both the hospital and my office with the older kids. We stuffed ourselves, even had cinnamon chocolate milkshakes (as Danny, K.K. Ruth, Chris and I did the evening Zachary was born six years ago). Tonight we had an especially good time because a local band provided live music - Irish fiddle music mostly, which the kids and I all really enjoy. It's the kind of place where informal dancing is find, and we all joined in - FUN! K.K. and I also free associated on words about babies and wrote fifty of them on a napkin. We could have gone on and on but Tracy came to bring me home and take the kids to their house. Good night here.


Joe Hendricks said...

I feel so blessed by all the JOY emanating from Austin to us - thank you for taking the time to share all going on in this new lives adventure ! :-)

(is Liam ready for kayaking with me yet?)

Sue said...

I spied the pictures of Andrea. Another beautiful baby. Your heart must be filled to spilling.

Judy said...

I love reading about you and your grands and the new babies and your blessed, pink and blue life right now. :) Two beautiful healthy babies. What a blessing.

Anonymous said...