Friday, February 20, 2009

OK, I said I was going to get less baby focused in this blog, and I will. But it's just too strange that the writing prompt on Poetic Asides this week was to write an ode - a poem of priase and celebration and -duh- do I have an obvious topic or what? Thank goodness there is a free form style of ode. I don't think I could manage iambic pentameter.

Ode To New Grand Babies

Oh new grand babies
I do love your tiny fingers and toes
unique precious noses, wide eyes,
smooth skin, warm necks, soft hair.

Oh new grandbabies, I do love
to see your parentts beam, snuggle
glow, feed, wrap, unwrap, carry,
rock, sing to nurtur, love you each.

Oh new grandbabies, I do love
to revel as I watch you each unfold,
unique, to plan outings, travel, play,
work, meals, together for years to come.

Oh new grand babies, I do love
your presence, unexpected, longed for
You will carry genes and values on to
future generations, hope beareres, blessings.

Victoria Hendricks,
February 19, 2009