Monday, February 09, 2009

I just talked to Ruth and they had the sonogram and Liam is still definitely transverse and not about to turn - all healthy but can't be born naturally in that position. So they are having a c section at 7:30 Wednesday morning. They sound calm and ready and I feel the same. I will ride out tho the hospital with Ruth's friend Brynn as soon as they call me - canceling Wednesday morning at work but not Wednesday afternoon. I'm excited to meet our boy. It's not as clear when Andrea will come. Joanna was feeling much better last night when Ruth and Chris took them enchiladas. I think she and I will spend some time together today and I'll help her a little with house work. So it's happening - but not right now as far as I know. THe babies are coming. So much mystery in birth.


Judy said...

OMgoodness. It's pretty neat knowing just when you will see Liam for the first time. Looks like Liam will be here before Andrea now. I wondered when Joanna was having contractions, if Andrea wouldn't make her appearance first. So very exciting..for them, you and all of us. :)

Anonymous said...