Monday, January 26, 2009

"This moment of peril must be turned to one of progress," President Barack Obama

I'll take that as the quote of the day, whether we're talking about global national, or personal issues. Seems like many people I know are struggling - and achieving transformations - on all fronts.


Peggy said...

Like your quotes for today and yesterday. I love the idea that we are made to make the world a better place for beauty of all kinds. That thought in itself is a bit of beauty!

Oh and these moments of peril--lets hope they all become progress of some kind. Unfortunately we cannot always see progress while it is happening and can see it only from a distance.

Enjoy your family's preparations for the new babies!

Bob Hendricks said...

I love the quote. I appreciate your teaching me about the importance of transformation in art and life -- a modality higher than tragedy (although tragedy still has its place for shaking us up).

Anonymous said...