Monday, January 05, 2009

Proud of myself even though I'm up way too late. I participated in a poetry challenge in November, writing a poem a day on a theme I chose - open and shut. Robert Brewer, the poet who orchestrated the challenge extended it into December by suggesting we edit and improve our poems and submit them to him in actual chapbook form with a table of contents and everything, and I did it (barely under the wire which really isn't like me but my computer was not working well on my birthday when I planned to submit. Anyway, I did it and I'm thrilled. And excited that several others in my writers' group submitted too. Skywriters rock! Robert is actually making the submissions into a contest, and I admit I wouldn't be surprised if any of us is his chosen winner. I also feel fully satisfied just having made myself submit.


Mary said...

Bravo to you for having submitted to Robert Brewer's chapbook challenge. Bravo to ALL of us who have submitted. I agree with you in your satisfaction about just having made yourself submit. Me too. I don't care / expect winning; but it just feels good to have completed this challenge.

Anonymous said...