Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've been watching and listening all day - thank goodness for a liberal client base. Nobody wanted to do therapy today. I love the speech, its inclusions of a balanced sense of our nation's history, not just the prouder moments. I like the call to live from our higher natures. He doesn't say "love not ego", but I think he says it in his own way, in his own words

I love the responsibility focus, and the statement that we need to "Pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off."

I've also loved watching all the interviews and just watching the Obamas and the Bidens, especially those of people who were there throughout the Civil Rights Movement. I could hardly hear John Lewis over my own crying. He's come a long way from being beaten over the head on the Edmund Pettis Bridge.

I just heard that Ted Kennedy will probably be dismissed from the hospital tomorrow and that his seizure was probably caused by fatigue - as I think you wrote earlier - good to hear that more than once I hope that Hilary Clinton is confirmed tomorrow despite a certain idiot from Texas. I just heard the confirmation that Marian Robinson, Michelle Obama's mother will be living at the White House, which I think is good. I'm of the camp who believes the Obamas are thoroughly enjoying the day. I believe they both get how serious their work is, the work they have to do - but I think they are taking a break today and enjoying it. Me too. It feels so good to have this inauguration happening.