Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've been watching and listening to the inauguration of President Barack Obama all day - thank goodness for a liberal client base. Nobody wanted to do therapy today. I love our new President's speech, its inclusions of a balanced sense of our nation's history, not just the prouder moments. I like the call to live from our higher natures. He doesn't say "love not ego", but I think he says it in his own way, in his own words. It is my prayer for him, for all who work closely with him - that they come, every moment from love, not ego. In that vein, I love Obama's responsibility focus, and the statement that we need to "Pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off." his wish for us was that we proceed in hope, not fear - and I'll take that one, for sure.

It's been fun to watch the Obamas have fun - clearly enjoying the parade, the music, the bands. I like it that Michelle Obama lets herself move to the music, free relaxed. Barack Obama too seems so alive, moving to music. And of course, the little girls are darling.

I have especially been enjoying the interviews with people who were there throughout the Civil Rights Movement. I could hardly hear John Lewis over my own crying. He's come a long way from being beaten over the head on the Edmund Pettis Bridge.

I loved seeing Ted Kennedy able to participate in the festivities before he had a seizure at the celebration luncheon I just heard that he will probably be dismissed from the hospital tomorrow and that his seizure was probably caused by fatigue. I remember that Bobby Kennedy predicted that one day we would elect an African American President. I don't know how many believed him. Well, you were right Bobby. Wish you were here today

I hope that Hilary Clinton is confirmed tomorrow despite a certain idiot from Texas. I just heard the confirmation that Marian Robinson, Michelle Obama's mother will be living at the White House, which I think is good. The Obamas seem to be thoroughly enjoying the day. I believe they both understand how serious their work is, the work they have to do - but I think they are taking a break today and enjoying it. Me too. It feels so good to have this inauguration happening. Someone, maybe Jesse Jackson, refered to Dr. Martin Luther King as "the prophet and the President" - gives me good chills.

Even in all the excitement the stock market fell 350 more points. In the morning the work will get going for good. I am thankful to live in a country in whcich the transfer of power is orderly and civilized, decided by voters even in times of crisis. Right now on our TV former President Bush just called President Obama "a good man" and offered up prayers for him. So different than a coup.


Mary said...

We pretty much watched the inaugaration events today too, as much as possible. I insisted Isaac watch when Barack Obama was inaugarated. We first watched the former Presidents filing in, and he was waiting for the 44th! After Barack was inaugarated,back to PBS for a time. I did tell him I hoped he would remember this inaugaration. One never does know what children will remember. I hoped he would be interested in the parade, but he wasn't. I let him play Wii and walked back and forth between Isaac's Wii and the parade on TV in another room!

I had not heard who is trying to prevent the confirmation of Hilary. I will have to research this tonight.

One of the day's highlights for me was Aretha Franklin singing "My Country Tis of Thee."

Barack Obama's speech was strong and well delivered. I do hope all is possible, that people do not expect too much.

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