Monday, January 12, 2009

Martin Luther King Holiday and Barack Obama's inauguration day both approach. I'm excited that the Obamas want us to reframe the MLK holiday into a day of service and voluntarism. If you want to find an opportunity near you, use this link, There are any opportunities in Austin, including food bank related efforts and street and park clean up. Bob will be home that day and I expect we will do something, and maybe walk, as we have a number of years, in the MLK Day parade from East Austin (historically black part of town) to the Capitol steps.

I'm hoping to feature a different MLK quote each day until his birthday. I'll start with the one Michelle Obama used in her letter to supporters regarding volunteerism.

"If you want to be important -- wonderful. If you want to be recognized -- wonderful. If you want to be great -- wonderful. But, recognize that he who is greatest among you shall be your servant. That's a new definition of greatness."

Martin Luther King Jr.

And I wrote a poem tonight, as a response to Belle's prompt in Skywriters, about the innauguration:

Inauguration - 2009

I would love to dance holes in my shoes
at a ball this year, dress in velvet, wear
emeralds, celebrate hope, vigor, change.
And I know the country, the world, sit
teetering at the edge of economic, political,
environmental, emotional, moral, abyss
and I wonder if anyone should be dancing.
I smile when I imagine Barack Obama
standing out in a cold January morning
offering us words of strength, hope, change.
I hope, I pray, he will put those words to work.
I hope I pray, those actions will be sufficient.

Victoria Sullivan Hendricks, 1-12-2009



Mary said...

Very good poem,Victoria, as the inaugauration draws near....I do hope that Barack Obama proves himself in the difficult days ahead. It is such a hard time to be President.

Ann said...

This is a good reminder for all of us to be of service, Victoria, to make service part of our very being. My own favorite MLK quote about service: You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.

Peggy said...

I like your poem about the upcoming inauguration and share your hopes for the future of our world. Your thoughts on service as well resonate with me. We can each help a little bit no matter what situation we are in.

Joe Hendricks said...

You can add a new politically-oriented blog free at Obama's 'Change' site:


Anonymous said...