Saturday, November 22, 2008

Short tonight and in a high good mood - got to go to bed so I can get up and run away with my husband- out west to walk in the last fall color in the New Mexico mountains and maybe see a coati (elusive beasts!) in Arizona. This will be our third Thanksgiving (before the feast) get away and the other two were glorious. I'm already thrilled regarding this one - and the family feast which will follow.

A couple more blessings:

the full range of human emotion
music (We went the symphony tonight and enjoyed Brahm's Fourth Symphony)
Ginger - in all it's forms and incarnations. I'm about to take a bath with ginger oil in the water.


Judy said...

What a lovely time you have planned for yourself with your beloved beside you, Victoria. I know you will both make this the glorious event you are dreaming of. And then to feast on Thanksgiving with loved ones after is just too much wonderful. :) Have a marvelous hike and I hope you see the coati. I'm off to find out what a coati is.LOL

Judy said...

coati mundi - That's what we saw in Costa Rica! I had no idea they were in the states. Good luck...they are so cute.

Mary said...

I will be thinking of you enjoying your pre-Thanksgiving getaway, Victoria. What a wonderful tradition Bob & you have going.

somebody said...