Monday, November 03, 2008

Almost election day. I'm excited.

I'm behind on this blog and in my whole online life because I didn't have Internet at home over the weekend. I'm proud of myself and the service rep, for managing the reconfiguration of my modem flawlessly.

Last week was challenging here - crazy busy at work and then on Wednesday I learned that a client on Tuesday had been in my office with whooping cough. This really rattled me - and it took some jumping through hoops to get seen by the doctor to get preventative antibiotics - but I'm fine. I was not allowed to be with my pregnant daughters on Halloween which was frustrating, (had to be on antibiotics for 24 hours first). I'm calm now, but I was really scared at the idea of possibly getting and spreading such an awful illness.

Otherwise, all is well. Bob and the kids and I hiked six miles in the pine woods yesterday - perfect mild afternoon with some color (even in pine woods) from floaming vines - a few fall wild flowers - a deer, a tiny lizard, a rabbit. I think we are so fortunate that all three kids think a hike is a treat.