Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm sitting in the sun room of our beach condo, in the moonlight, looking out in the direction of the Gulf of Mexico. Bob and I walked the beach at sunset - every beach sunset different. This time the rose tones of reflection in the rising tide were really strong - "sea of rose" more than the "sea of pearl" I usually see at sunset. I love Bob for so many reasons - one of them being that he is the kind of guy who suggested I look at the rising silver gibbous moon through his binoculars (never would have occured to me. Wow moon. Wow Bob. I am feeling very fortunate tonight - richly blessed.

I think I've been working too hard - or at least hard enough to really REALLY appreciate a week off. I have lots of projects - scrap booking beading writing reading - birding with Bob. We'll see how much I actually do.

We had lunch with Ruth and Chris before we left Austin (for his birthday) and in conversation it came up that Ruth, at 27 is no longer considered part of the "youth vote". Odd that my daughters could be anything but young.


Ann said...

Victoria, This made me think of the times I nearly stamped my foot to say, "Mom, I'm forty-seven years old..." or whatever age. In her eyes, I'm sure I never got past ten or twelve. I think I'm doing slightly better with my kids. Sometimes they seem far wiser than I ever was. Love that you enjoyed the gibbous moon tonight too. Nearly a year ago, Dad died as the gibbous moon rose in the night sky.

Joe Hendricks said...

Do you remember the beach at LaPush that night when the wet sand was so reflective (no moon) that the stars were perfectly mirrored? It was as though we were walking atop the Universe itself, looking both up and down as we appraoched the waves!! ..and I would wholeheartedly agree to your 'Wow Bob' and add an equal 'Wow Victoria', you wonderful addition to my life :-)

Mary said...

I am glad that you have this week away from work to relax and do projects that you enjoy in such a beautiful setting. I know you will enjoy this time for yourself and with Bob.

I agree with your comment that it is odd that one's daughters could be anything but young.

Another oddity is that I / WE are no longer young. How quickly pass the years for ourselves....and our children.

Peggy said...

Enjoy your week away. Yes, you must be working too hard.

I liked your observation about Ruth no longer being part of the youth vote. Wow. And my children are probably middle-aged! Shocking! Hey I think you just gave me a topic for my daily poem!

Judy said...

Oh, how wonderful that you and Bob are sharing this marvelous time at the beach. That old gibbous moon brings giggles from me in response to Big Bear calamity, but how nice that you married a man who notices these things.
Its always such a balm to hear people in love after a long marriage. I'm so glad you and Bob have each other. What a blessing to the world you are.
Have a great week. I'm envious right now, maybe its time for a trip to the beach.

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