Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's ironic that, after I posted about blessings including a warm place to sleep, I talked to Bob and learned that at least one of his fourth graders has been living with his family in a car (because they couldn't make rent) Some of the nights have been pretty chilly. The family has since been referred to a family shelter.

More blessings - these more specific (I hope to add five each day.)

a job I love and am good at
my grandmother's pink crystal
northers - one is blowing in tonight and I love the shift in wind and energy
gingerberry Kubacha ( a weird new organic raw drink that I've fallen in love with)
fitting into skirts marked "medium"


Peggy said...

Lots of blessings Victoria! What a neat thing to do. I am glad to be back reading your blog again!

joe hendricks said...

five things I am thankful for:
- your compassion
- your wisdom
- your counseling
- your writing
- your openness

Judy said...

Gee, Victoria, I like this Joe guy, he's thankful for the very same things I am about you..and the list goes on. (LOL) I am loving to read about your gratitude for your life and so much that we take for granted. I want to start my own list now so it can go on. At the Thanksgiving gathering, my daugther gets impatient with me as I go around the room and tell each person what I am thankful for about them. She thinks I could use fewer words. What does she think I am , a poet or something?? She's gotten use to my verbosity and if I get a head start here I could really dazzle her with my gratitude. :)

Mary said...

Victoria, I love the idea of coming to your blog each day and reading about more blessings. It is wonderful to be thankful for some of the things that ordinarily one might take for granted.

Judy, how nice that on Thansgving ou go around and tell everyone what you are thakful about for thrm. This concept does give me food for thought.

SeaStar said...

Wonderful commments today. Thank you all.

somebody said...