Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday morning blessings

Friends, who love me through emails, notes, visits - and all the times you've come through for me - in sorrow and in laughter,perspective and support givers - Friends.

Birth parents who gave me my genetic bag of tricks, of which I am quite fond, and made a good choice about where/how I should be raised.

Dorothy Gebauer and Dr. AC Crowell who arranged my adoption, and Margaret Peck, all of whom were mentors for my mother and later for me, and who showed introduced me to the truth that sometimes women loved women as most women love men when I was two young to think of it as anything but ordinary.

My adopted family - all of them, who claimed me as one of you, fiercely and with love.

My families through marriage - both times - with all your gifts of diverse perspective, recipes, support and mostly accepting love.

Warm socks and my New York coat (It's cold and I'm about to walk up the hill to buy Thanksgiving groceries) - also the money to buy said groceries without counting pennies this time.


Peggy said...

I'm enjoying all your list of blessings. From berries to genetic bag of tricks to families--truly there are so many blessings in life. Your lists have made me think of my own blessings. Thank you.

Lynne said...

Victoria, I echo Peggy's "thank you" as the blessings you have shared here have made me think more about mine. And yes, the simpler they are, the more precious they are, it seems.

Judy said...

I love this list of your blessings, Victoria. As one of those who love you through emails :), I also appreciate the link we can make with so many of varying backgrounds. We all have the gift of writing out our thoughts and blessings and sharing them. I love that about us. :)

Mary said...

Again, so many blessings shared. Friends and family....

I also second Judy's comment, appreciating the link we can make with each other through email....the gift of writing to communicate has been a blessing for us indeed.

somebody said...