Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bob and I are home - got home about midnight after a trip as magical and connecting as those of the last two years. It took me a little longer this time to get completely into the flow - more tired from work, I think - but by this afternoon, when Bob managed to get us an extra hike at McKitrick Canyon in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park - and especially in the car on the long ride back through the starry night, I felt up to my nose in blessings. It's the middle of the night now and I have turkey and trimmings to cook tomorrow so I think I will just do a blessings list - then do the travel log and catch up poems after the festivities are over tomorrow. This is so partial. My blessings seem infinite

Turkey and trimmings to cook tomorrow
The organization to get groceries in before traveling to make tomorrow easier
Three generations in the kitchen tomorrow - and Bob's speed peeling potatoes
Aunt Ruth's rosewood table
Grandma Anna's silver
Grandma Christine's crystal and china
Joanna and James respectful handling the first Thanksgiving after separating
Pumpkin (cinnamon too!) and cornbread stuffing
The self discipline to go to bed when I could write three hours more right now but would be no good tomorrow if I did
Love, given and received
Bob, waiting in bed for me - warm under the covers - (I realized hiking today that if he had died at the same age Kerry did I would never have known him) I love that man!
Daughters and their families looking forward to spending Thanksgiving here (Everybody speaking to everybody and wanting to be together)
The energy to pull tomorrow off.
And again, the self discipline to go to bed (NOW!)


joe said...

I shall visualize the table stretching from Glen Cove to Austin, enjoying warmth and conversations at both ends :)

Mary said...

Welcome home, Victoria. Glad you had wonderful hiking and nice to read a list of yet more of your blessings. Fun to picture three generations in the kitchen. I look forward to reading more.

Lynne said...

Victoria, I'm happy from toe to noggin that yours and Bob's trip was so magical. And then to top your return off with such a beautiful list of blessings....I trust you slept very well last night. Looking forward to hearing about your turkey and trimmings and best of all, your family.

Peggy said...

Love reading this Victoria. What a great get-away you had and I am sure the day with family was another big blessing as you anticipated. Such an uplifting read! Thank you! Love to you all.

somebody said...