Monday, November 17, 2008

How Matters

It matters how I open the door.
Fling it open, wild, wide, fast,
send papers flying, trip over feet,
break cup, let lurking flies in.
Open hesitantly, just a crack,
let hand on knob shake, steps falter,
leave my present outside, un given.
Enter mindfully, firm hand on knob.
Push gently, bring what was out, in.
Bring my present. Become present.
It matters how I open the door.

It matters how I shut the door.
Slam and shake shells on shelf,
slosh tea in fragile cup,
shiver even baby unborn.
Close incompletely, too quick
forget to listen for the click,
Leave crack in safe shell.
Close mindfully, firm hand on knob,
pull gently, separate in from out,
enfold room in welcome peace.
It matters how I shut the door.

Victoria Hendricks, November 14, 2004


Mary said...

i hadn't thought before about it mattering how one opens and shuts doors...but indeed it does on both a realistic and a philosophical level. I hope you WILL put all your open/shut poems into a chapbook. You have some gems.

Judy said...

This poem is so full of meaning and metaphor for me, Victoria. Yes, it matters how you open the door and how you shut it. I will read this many times because there is so much in your words and between the lines I want to get it all. :) Great poem.

Anonymous said...