Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We had a mini Seder tonight, just Ruth and Chris and Liam and I - very sweet and right for us this year. We talked about the overwhelm involved in trying to heal all the brokenness in the world and about transperency in our personal lives. That is a big goal for me at this time in my life - authenticity. I shared a poem I wrote in Palm Springs.


Warsaw, Burundi, Rwanda, Darfur
Men bought concert tickets,
Boys led cows down mountains.

Jews, Tutsi, Hutu, Christians
Women planted beans, taught children
Girls arranged white flowers.

Armenia, Berlin, Palestine,
Children learned songs, shared sweets.
Lovers flirted, carressed, climaxed.

Mothers saved letters, told stories,
Fathers led praters, planned futures,
Families blessed babies, buried elders.

Until glass shattered, machetes flashed,
priests murdered parishoners,
neighbors, neighbors, principals, students.

Before genocide, people simply lived.


Mary said...

Victoria, this poem is so strong and powerful, so true and gut-wrenching. It brings me chills...and should be published for wider distibution.

mary j. said...

wow – such a powerful poem! chilling, so true.