Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Not very inspired tonight but happy to have had a functional first day back. I am deeply refreshed by my week off, even if still a little sleep deprived. it's funny to feel the freshness underneath the surface fatigue. Today actually was a very good work day. Ruth and Chris bought Liam a bike trailer at an REI rummage sale - an amazing bargain. It also can be used as a wagon to cary baby and groceries when pushed by a walker. Tonight RUth and Chris took Liam up to the store in it to get a few items and I walked part way with them, walking Duffy on the leash. I turned back with Duffy in order to talk to Bob and get to bed at a reasonable hour, which I will now do. It was a fun walk though. The trailer is easy to push,especially considering its size.

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Mary said...

I know what you mean about being refreshed by your week off. I feel the same way! A week devoted to friendship and writing is sooo good.