Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring storm tonight, thunder and lightening and rain soft at first then hard falling. We've had a number of drought years, but not this spring. it's lovely so far, still blossom time but increasingly green. The leaves on Danny's maple are beginning to unfurl and the babies' apple trees are leafing out a little. Ruth and liam fell on the bike today because of a badly behaved dog. They are both unhurt and the good news is that the bicycle baby seat and helmet stayed properly secured. Liam stayed on the bike when it fell, as did Ruth. She just had to get up and right the bike with crying Liam on it and ride home. The unfortunate thing was that the woman whose dog ran at them causing the accident did not stop to check if Ruth was OK or offer help. I wish people in general behaved better - could be trusted to behave better.


Mary said...

Sorry about the bike fall. That must have been scary for both Ruth and Liam. Glad neither of them were hurt. I cannot understand this person who did not stop to check if Ruth and Liam were okay. I bet she will think about this for a long time to come, with guilt and not knowing. And she should.

Ann said...

Glad Ruth and Liam are all right. Dogs, and their keepers, can be such a threat to bikers. Jack and I were only scraped and bruised when a dog ran into our bikes a few years ago, but we had to ride 15 miles home, hurting and bleeding. There was no owner in sight.