Monday, March 08, 2010

I'm writing this on the way home on the train, just two and a half hours out of San Antonio and hugs from Ruth, Chris and Liam. I'm glad they were willing to come for me since I didn't get a room. It's tough to spend two nights in the chair car, not so tough to spend one. I'm in the club car now because I can plug the lap top in here, and I'm a little taken aback by all the loud people, drinking, complaining about smoke breaks not coming often enough and about the train running out of beer. I have circled back to my "princess" theme - feeling out of place with people who are drinking and noisy, who use bad grammar and cuss and it just doesn't feel comfortable, so I'm closing off my computer now and going back to my chair. This has been a wonderful trip, but the bemoaning about the dirth of beer is hard to listen to. I'm so glad I have the life I have. Life is hard and life is good and I know I get more than my share of the good.

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Mary said...

These people in the club car definitely do not sound like mentioned them complaining about smoke breaks not coming often enough. Hmm, is there a special time / place for smokers to smoke on a train? Or do they have to wait until the train pulls into a station somewhere and then rush out for a quick smoke. Makes me realize I know very few smokers.