Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today has been one of those magic days that seem to have 48 productive hours - Tuth and I worked hard and successfully in the yard and garden. We went to lowes and bought a yellow jasmine, and met Ruth's and Joanna's preschool teacher there, a woman we have been friendly but not close with for years - pleasant to let her see Liam at about the age Ruth was when she first knew her. Liam was charming as usual. I'm also making great progress going through and organizing old letters. I really have had a sweet life so far, so many moments catalogued through the years of births, worries, loss, accomplishment, meals, gardens, tears, laughter. Life is hard, yes, and life is good. Tonight the good rings louder.


Mary said...

Bring on the magic. I celebrate it that you had such a productive time. So glad that for you good rings louder.

mary j. said...

Victoria, I was talking with a good friend several nights ago and two of your life-mantras rang in my mind – perfectly fitting with our conversation. "Real is better than perfect" and "Life is hard AND good." I shared them with my friend, as words from my wise aunt! I have passed your blog along to her so she may also read here now and then. It made me so appreciate this forum we have to connect and know each other; rewarding to see important truths from your experience that you strive to live by having seeped into my life, and now passing on to others I love as well.