Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It was a good quiet Tuesday - a calmer than usual work day. I still feel behind with my life, but a little less so. It's good to feel some progress. It is blossom time in Austin still - white blooming trees, redbuds, now the purple trees and wild flowers, including a fresh profusion of blue bonnets. I'm so glad Bob and I took the trouble and time to learn most of the common hill country wild flowers. It's fun to see them come up each year, no struggle to identify old friends.

I'm enjoying seeing that my blog has more followers these days. Those of you I don't know, welcome (and of course welcome too to those I know and love). I'd enjoy it if those of you who I don't know would introduce yourselves in comments - nice to get to know you. I also hope people will refrain from using the comment feature to promote any goods or services for sale. I will delete comments that don't make sense to me, or feel like advertising. Comments about your feelings about the ideas and events in the blog are very much welcome. It feels good to throw the pebbles of my thoughts, ideas, poems into the water of the virtual pond and watch the ripples.

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Mary said...

I am excited to read about the blooming trees and wilf flowers. This means that our turn is coming. Right now yet, most everything is brown, but there ARE a few signs of rebirth.