Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Second day of Passover, Ruth and I walked under the huge full moon. Actually she biked slowly and I walked. It is so good to have time to be with her in the ordinary course of events. I miss the years Joanna worked for me and I saw her on a regular basis. She is so busy with her family, we talk, but I miss the dailiness, the incidental contact. It would be hard for me to live across country from adult children the way I lived from my parents. I've been reading the letters I wrote them during those years though and every detail is there, a rich commentary on our lives. Still, it's nice to brush up against each other without really trying, to just BE in each other's lives.

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Mary said...

It is nice that you have the dailiness with Ruth and family and can do such things as walk under the moon together; and it is also nice that you have the letters that you wrote when you were living cross country from them, and I am sure, interesting for you to read them once more in the present. I doubt a lot of today's generation will have letters like this, when so much is done through email, texts, phones, etc. Kind of sad....but it is what it is; and with modernizations there are always tradeoffs.