Monday, March 22, 2010

Ruth and I pulled all the beggars' tick out of the back yard today, which is a very good thing early in spring because it means no burrs later, especially in the fur of the dogs and the feet of the babies. I feel disoriented, like time is passing too fast, even faster than usual. I can't say I'm especially busy or have any reason for this feeling. Bob is back at school safely, had a decent first day teaching after spring break, though the kids talked too much during the afternoon. I didn't accomplish half, even a quarter what I hoped, but we did get a sweet walk in with Liam and Duffy and pulled up the beggars' tick and talked about future house changes. Still, I wish I were more efficient.


Mary said...

Sounds like you had a productive day. Can't say that I know what beggar's tick is...but it seems good you got it out. Nice that you were able to take a walk. I took a few walks Monday too and loved it. It feels like heaven to me after not having been able to walk outside much all winter!

Anonymous said...

I have many days like that..have my list..whether it is written or just in my head..and at the end of the day, have not accomplished what I really do understand. CA