Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day - I've noticed more people calling it "Love Day" this year and I like that. A day honoring love in all forms can't be bad. I have the world's sweetest husband - who adopted a polar bear family (mother and twin cubs) for me through a wildlife conservation site in memory of my Daddy (Big Bear who loved polar bears above all bears and bears above all other beasts) Today a small polar bear (very cuddly) arrived in the mail. Its one of those sweet ones that puts its arms around your neck and seems to snuggle - really soft too, couldn't be better.

Otherwise, my day was good - a day of steady work that felt productive and an evening of writing projects on the computer.

I've been thinking about people's attitudes toward adopting healthier life styles. The issue has come up a bit lately and I realize a nuber of people are motivated to change habits to prevent bad diseases. To me that just feels depressing. I need to be motivated to accomplish something or achieve something, not to avoid or prevent. Getting stronger, having more energy, even looking better in clothes will do. But not just trying not to get some disease. I see to have very strong feelings against being motivated by fear.

And Ru, (and anybody else who wonders) I'm fine. The "At My Funeral" poem in yesterday's blog was the product of a writing group assignment, and partly inspired by attending funerals in December and reading Orson Scott Card's Speaker for the Dead, whichstrongly makes the point that the truth is the best and most intimate honoring - not a puffed up or airbrushed fiction .


Ruth said...

I know you are fine--that's what I was trying to say. I love that you are the type of person who is moved to write things like that (or is in a group that encourages it) even when things ARE fine. I love that honesty and courage.

I'm glad Bob adopted you (and Grandaddy) the Polar Bear family--that is VERY sweet. Bob is so good at Valentines day. (Oh and I know Chris forgot to swing by to pick up your treat for us... we'll be down that way tomorrow to meet Aly--can we swing by then?)

Dixi said...

it is interesting that you have heard it called "Love Day." I haven't heard that at all. I like it called Valentine's Day because it is such a long tradition and hope it doesn't change.

How neat that Bob adopted a polar bear family for you & also that you got a small polar bear in the mal. One is never too old for a stuffed animal! Especially one with such significance.

As far as people adopting healthier lifestyles, my attitude is for whatever reason people adopt a healthier lifestyle, I commend them. But I also see your point about adopting a healthy lifestyle to work toward something rather than to avoid something...which is a different and not as positive a reason.