Friday, February 08, 2008

Too close to the edge of overwhelm - I sit at the table in a happy sea of Valentine papers from card making with K.K, but there's bead clutter in the living room and laundry half done and dishes to unlad and I've started too many things at once. I know this is the kind of mood that passes with a night's sleep. Twenty focused minutes and I'll have order. But right now all the clutter and all the possiblities distress me. Usually I like my open ended creative style, but there are times like this when I wish I was more linear and knew how to move through space and time efficiently. Even managing to get from computer to bed seems challenging - which means I'm tired enough I'd better make it happen.

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Dixi said...

I think I understand how you were feeling when you wrote this. I wasn't feeling 'overwhelmed' yesterday, but I had things to take care of 'everywhere' in the house and nothing in order and more I wanted to do & felt very inefficient. I don't like so much 'stuff' sitting here and there. I did one thing or another as I could with both of us sharing baby care. I look forward to the decluttering & moving forward with projects today, Saturday.