Friday, February 29, 2008

This should be Friday the thirteenth. I was wakened by a call from Joanna that their car has been broken into and cash reserves plus ID, James' IPod and other stuff they care about stolen. They are struggling so financially anyway - and now THIS! Plus - all her voter ID was stolen and she wants so much to vote. I hate this. I want more than anything to make life good for my kids and now something stupid like this when they are trying so hard.

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Ruth said...

Yuck! That sucks SO hard! I wonder why James didn't mention it when I talked to him!? It scares me that that sort of thing goes on in our neighborhood (well hers at least) I wonder if people just assume they can spare those things since their house is so big? Or if people just aren't thinking? I wonder if it was kids or what?

This is so sad!