Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spring is fading in - less vivid than some years in recent memory, but starting - color in the bare branches - a touch or redbud pink - saw my first purple wysteria today, some trees simply quietly greening up.

Last night was a treat for Joanna and K.K, and for me vicariously. It is fun to help people I love have adventures. My part last night was simply helping the boys with homework and feeding them dinner while their mother and sister took the bus to the University of Texas campus to see Bill Clinton. They had an amazing experience. Probably because K.K. is so cute and because the two of them - young mother and daughter together with their Hillary sign are what the campaign wants and needs - were singled out by the secret service to stand close. They each got two hand shakes from Bill Clinton and an autograph (of Hillary Clinton's autobiography - but the library's copy - which I guess we will buy from the library now.) The secret service guy teased K.K. and apparently literally pinched her cheek - which she isn't sure how she feels about. Joanna was thrilled to get her Bill Clinton handshakes.


Dixi said...

How interesting to read that people are actually chosen to stand close to someone like Bill Clinton when he is speaking. From now on I will look closely at who is up front realizing it was not an accident. I have mixed feelings about the concept, but I am glad that K.K. and her mom were able to shake hands with Bill Clinton and get his autograph on a library copy of a book. I wonder how it would be possible to buy this book from the library. I am sure that this experience will be one that K.K. will always remember. It will be a special story carried with her to adulthood. It is special that she has had this opportunity, and that she is already interested in what is going on politically.

Mary J. said...

I am jealous to hear of your coming spring... I eagerly anticipate ours, and of course ours is also on its way eventually, but as it it has just broken 20 degrees so far this morning, it feels far away! It is supposed to get up into the 40s today, and even 50s later this week, but now it is COLD!