Monday, February 04, 2008

Good day - even though busier than I wanted (emergency client session) but I am not as tired as yesterday. Sammi is home, stitched up and bandaged and sore, but safe and everyone has recovered from her injury. Danny, especially is still really upset that the person who hit her just drove off and didn't help. He kept talking about that this evening, askng me how somebody could do that. I didn't have a good answer. Ruth also reports feeling a little better. I hope she doesn't go back to work too soon out of guilt or hyper-responsibility since others in her program are also out with flu. Nobody else is pregnant though. Ruth, remember if you are reading this remember that you are recovering for two. (and I have every right to sound like a Jewish mother.)

The boys did their homework well with me. tonight. Last week they had trouble concentrating and it was nice to be back to normal this week. Its fun watching Danny get the feel of setting up word problems and doing pattern problems. Like his sister, the kid seems pretty good at math.

Super Tuesday primaries are tomorrow (duh!) - I'm eager to see if turnout will continue to be as good as it has been. I feel hopeful that voters are beginning to behave as if we believe we have a stake in our future again.

I'm reading the memoir of Lynn Sher (T.V, journalist who covered, especially space, politics and feminism and who is about seven years older than I am). She tells her story and the story of the second wave of feminism - developing female professional class - really well. She also tells the story of the rise and fall of NASA well and from an inside perspective. She calls the book Outside the Box, the box being television - but I can see it being about perspective regarding different eras too.

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