Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm having an oddly lazy day - slept late and have done only about half the household tasks I'd planned. That's OK. I've tried watching a few taped shows on TV and am totally freaked out by how long the commercials are and how short the program segments - It really has changed - also the fast pacing on commercials. People who watch more TV really must have their minds trained to quicker transitions.

I've also been reading a bunch of blogs by younger women - late twenties to mid-thirties - intelligent young women in the age range of my daughters. Its odd reading these blogs. They love their children, their husbands, their careers (lots of them) the same way my friends and I did at their ages. They seem to have many of the same fears, hopes, and pleasures. But the tone is startling. A certain edge, tongue in cheek, pushing the ridiculous, not taking one's self too seriously seems in within this group - even a tendency to shock - not much softness. On the other hand the blogs I find by people in the same age range who are overt about being Christian, seem overly sweet, cheery, and unquestioning. I suspect there are middle ground intelligent, young blogs - but I find it odd not to be able to find (except for Ruth's) and a couple of protected blogs I read and cherish) voices of younger women who seem neither edgey nor air brushed. Maybe I am being egocentric. So much of what I consider the common ground of being human is midground - neither left nor right, not connected to creed, just about living and caring and trying one's best. I am really intrigued and mildly disturbed by this issue.

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Dixi said...

Fascinating idea to read a lot of different blogs. I just don't have time right now, but it is would be interesting to read what people are thinking about, even people I don't know, have a window into the thinking going on....especially seeing what younger people are thinking about and thinking back to what 'we' were like at that age. It is amazing how the blog phenomena has caught on; and I wonder if these young bloggers will still be writing in 20 or 30 years, or whether there will be another more prevalent way of journaling or communicating then.