Sunday, February 17, 2008

Odd weekend, and good - completely different than I expected. Joanna expected to be off most of Saturday and all Sunday and it didn't turn out that way at all - a visit (which reflected well on her professionally from very high management and lots of people calling in sick). Saturday felt like a parenting rather than grandparenting day - low key, relaxed with the kids. Zachary is getting such big boy skills. He did five large floor puzzles (35 to 50 pieces) all by himself. Ruth and Chris dropped by for a visit, first time in a while - sweet - good to see them healthy and happy as parents to be.

Then, last night, about 7:00, Joanna arrived to spend a little time with the kids - and to announce that Bill Clinton was about to speak at Hillary Clinton's campaign headquarter's in south Austin, so off Joanna and I drove into the chilly night, where we stood outside a warehouse with a couple of hundred Democrats and listened to the former President speak of his wife's strength as a candidate . Even weary of voice on a cold night after a long day of campaigning, the man has a glow, a charisma, as well as smart things to say. I'm delighted to have attended Clinton, O'Bama, and Edwards events this campaign season.

Another weekend highlight was a ballet performance - a program of three short ballets by young choreographers presented in an audience judges contest format. K.K. and I were invited by the family of her best male dancer friend, (fourteen to her eleven) who had extra tickets. The dancing was beautiful and the ballet I voted for called Fear of Speaking dealt explicitly with issues of repression of freedom of speech. The last ballet, Substrata was viaually gorgeous and trancey, but I voted for the one that I felt was equally good art and more important.


Dixi said...

How exciting to have had the opportunity to go to a Clinton rally. It seems while Bill was in Austin, Hillary was somewhere in my area. News this morning said that she stopped in unexpectedly yesterday at Miss Katy's Diner. The night before she stopped in at another restaurant. I have never attended a rally.

It will be a very tight political race tomorrow here. People can vote for either political party. As John McCain is probably a 'given,' a lot of Republicans will be crossing over and casting a vote for either Hillary or Barrack, as THAT is the most important race. I know there will be a big turnout.

Ruth said...

I'm SOOOO jealous! Why didn't ha'll call us to tell us? (I guess it wouldn't have mattered--I got what Zach and Danny had and spent last night on the bathroom floor) but still!! WAHH!