Monday, August 13, 2007

Today is a life cycle day - beginning of Zachary's years as a school boy. Joanna took him to school to register and when they came back Danny - sweetheart that he is, called down the stairs "Welcome home kindergarten Blue Jay!" The Blue Jays are the mascot at the elementary school all three kids attend. This is the only year they will all be in school together since middle schools start with sixth grade now. I still think sixth graders should be at the top of the elementary school heap like when I was a kid.

Another life cycle event. I looked into a shopping bag on Joanna's table today and found two brand new royal blue leotards. At KK's dance school, as at the one I attended, color of leotard indicates level of dancer. The little bitties wear pink, (pinkies KK calls the, or more typically "cute little pinkies" , preballet students wear pale blue, and youth division ballet dancers wear lavender as they emerge into real dancers. KK has been in lavender three years and now has graduated to the preprofessional division. She feels nostalgic about the lavender leotards but is excited because this is the year she graduates to point shoes.

Also, this is Bob's first night back in Corpus after a day with his faculty at Menger. It sounds like it was a good day with good friends, despite sad news that one teacher's husband has terminal cancer. It is too hot in his apartment and we are missing each other, but there is always an excitement around beginnings and this is a beginning on many fronts.

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Ruth said...

I didn't know KK got her REAL blue leotards! SO COOL! i'll have to call her to say congrats.

I've been thinking about Zachy starting kindergarten a ton. It's so strange but I think he'll do well and I'm excited for him: he really does like to learn.

Must be weird having Bob gone again--I'm glad we aren't having to do that this year. How is his in-service going?