Thursday, August 30, 2007

I feel more or less caught up on cleaning and correspondence - quiet inside - loving my work week and the clients I see. I am pleased to hear that the grand kids continue to enjoy their first week of school. I am getting more and more eager to see them on Saturday and hear for myself. Bob, though tired every night, is getting a great start on parent conferences and seems to be building good strong patterns in his class and rapport with the kids. He reported something today that made me happy - a spontaneous game of tag during recess in which the boy who uses a wheel chair was able to participate completely and joyfully. The group just worked around his strengths and limitations like it did around everyone else's - the way children at their best do in play.

I saw my neurologist today for my annual check in and I want to acknowledge him as one of the heroes in my life - for figuring out the interaction of visual vertigo, muscle tension, and vascular headache that used to give me so much pain -and for finding a fix. I am sometimes doubtful about medical care and medical providers, but this man has been a life changing person for me. I have told him so more than once and felt like writing it here.

I'm reading Terry Brooks Running with the Demon and am really caught - don't want to put it down. The interface between the seen and the unseen in this book is chillingly real. I haven't read much science fiction or fantasy in recent years- but this one reminds me both of the dark, post apocalyptic The Road and of some of the more light hearted fantasy series I have read in the past - interesting blend. And it will keep my post short tonight. I want to get back between its covers.

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