Sunday, August 19, 2007

I posted in my progressive women's online discussion group about being impressed by the discussion of No End In Sight on Charlie Rose's show. A friend wrote back that The New Yorker has recently reviewed the film. Getting the hang - finally - of part of the Internet's potential for checking things out - I found the review and am further aspiring to see this film. The last line of that review says so much. "The bitterest revelation of “No End in Sight” is that the people who got it right are in agony, whereas the people who got it wrong are practically serene. " The whole review was worth reading for me though. The URL for the review - (No End in Sight is discussed in the second half) is

Two books about the Bush administration's mistakes are mentioned in the review, “Fiasco,” by Thomas E. Ricks, and “The Assassins’ Gate,” by the New Yorker writer George Packer. I haven't read either one yet and plan to now.


Ruth said...

I'm proud of your internet prowess and fully intend to check out the link now... I hadn't even heard of the Getting it Right. The quote from the review sure is disturbing and powerful though!

Ruth said...

oops I meant "No End in Sight" not "Getting it Right" (weird how our mind flips things like that sometimes isn't it?